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This is a community for computer/laptop/digital DJs. If you use a computer to spin music in addition to or instead of vinyl/CDs, join in!

Topics of discussion include but are not limited to:
Hardware (PC, Mac, iPod, ...); software (DJ software, sequencing software, ...); accessories (MIDI-controllers, time-coded equipment, ...); tips, tricks, problems, calls for help related to software-based DJing.

When you join, please post a brief description of yourself, your rig (hardware, software, accessories,...), your style(s), and anything else you feel is important to describe your DJ persona.

Please do not post promotional material other than links to mixes you did with your rig. Event promos for gigs you are personally DJing should be limited to 3 liners with an optional lj-cut elaboration (keep in mind that this is intended to be an *international* community - local and regional events are of limited use...)
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